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Pushing the limits, that’s what Arctiva snowmobile gear is all about. When the snow is flying, the wind is blowing and the mercury is bottoming out, that’s when your customers will want to be wearing Arctiva gear.
The people who design and test Arctiva gear are hardcore snowmobile riders. They go out in the most extreme conditions and then come back to design the apparel they want for themselves. It’s only after the riding gear has been tested, redesigned and tested again that it makes it to dealerships. It’s this ground-up design focus on extreme performance that makes the new 2016 Arctiva gear so great.
The 2016 Comp insulated jacket is made for the snowmobile rider who wants to test his or her own limits. Insulated is a key word in this riding gear. This jackets keeps out the cold via a fully insulated, durable waterproof high denier polyester chassis with a hanging polyester liner, and 3M Thinsulate insulation for maximum warmth without the bulk — 200 grams in front, 150 grams in back and 150 grams in the sleeves. That’s superior insulation that is still highly flexible.
To keep wind, snow and water out there is 2L-laminated fabric, sealed seams and a water repellant coating on the outer shell. Plus, there are seven pockets to hold whatever is needed. Let’s not forget that often snowmobiling can get highly physical and a rider can build up a lot of body heat. Riders can regulate their core temp via multiple zippered vents for temperature regulation. The fleece lined collar and inner snow gaiter cuff keep the neck warm and comfy on long rides.
For complete body core warmth, pair the Comp jacket with a 2016 Comp bib. The Comp bib is constructed with the same fully insulated durable waterproof high denier polyester chassis and polyester liner as the jacket. This bib is designed to allow freedom of movement while keeping the elements outside with Thinsulate insulation for maximum warmth without the bulk. More features include 600D Polyester oxford overlays in high wear areas; 2L laminated fabric, sealed seams and the water repellant coating on the outer shell provides a superior barrier against water, snow and wind.
To vent out excess body heat there are inner thigh vents, front thigh vents and side leg zippers. More features include a double layer waterproof seat, full-length zippers for easy entry with boots, bib interface connectors to secure jacket and pant together, and an interior cuff, snow gaiter to keep out snow and wind. That’s a lot of features and together they complete an outstanding snowmobile bib ready to tackle the coldest conditions.

Arctiva didn’t forget the ladies when it came to the 2016 line of gear. Gem Insulated Arctiva is dedicated to providing powersports gear for feminine tastes and shapes. The Gem is a performance outerwear package that keeps the technical features without compromising function or appearance. Gem is engineered for the most demanding of women riders; its jackets and bibs have many of the same features as the men’s line but are designed with your female customers fit and tastes in mind.
Since Arctiva designs and tests its own gear, the company knows that a total package includes a proper layering system; that’s the key to staying warm and dry while riding. Arctiva’s lineup of moisture-wicking layering products is critical to a comfortable ride. For the body, start  with the Evaporator wicking base layer. This is an effective layering system that starts with a base layer which wicks moisture away from the body. Worn directly against the skin, Evaporator gear is made from a wicking quick-dry material, and is the recommended base layer for the Arctiva layering system.
The second layer is the Regulator top and bottom, made with a moisture-wicking base layer and a comfy four-way polyester spandex insulation. For those customers who work hard, sweat a lot and worry more about keeping cool and dry before keeping warm and dry, there is the Evaporator line. Those needing a little more warmth, but still good breathability and moisture wicking performance, want the Regulator.  
For more extreme temperatures, the Arctiva Insulator heavyweight fleece insulation series provides the additional warmth required. The Insulator gear is made of a blend of micro polyester fleece/Spandex and, combined with Evaporator or Regulator layers, provides extra warmth in extremely cold environments.
The Insulator jacket is a mid-weight polyester four-way stretch fleece designed to be worn over the top of Evaporator or Regulator. The Insulator is made in a jacket style (looser fit with center-front zipper and chest pocket) so it can easily be put on or removed during the day as activities and temperatures change.
The Insulator pant can be worn as a base layer, and is made from the same mid-weight polyester stretch fleece as the jacket, so it is thicker and warmer than the Evaporator and Regulator pant, but just as comfortable against the skin.  Worn with Arctiva snowmobile gear these layering systems are the ideal combination for active snowmobilers.

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