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Its celebration time for Alpinestars-the company marks its 50 years of successful venture in 2013. The brand initiated its journey back in 1963 with a commitment of making high-performance apparel, technical footwear, sportswear and after 50 years it has turned out as a world-leading motorcycling and motorsports manufacturer.

Although started with manufacturing hiking and ski boots Alpinestars quickly shifted to the rising motorcycle industry in 1965 by virtue of a visionary decision maker Sante Mazzarolo- the founder of the company. In that year the brand produced its first ever motorcycle boot with advanced feature like buckle closure and steel shin guard.

Alpinestars established its off-road boots by working with Heikki Mikkola and Roger Decoster who are four times and five times World Motocross Champion respectively. In the late 70s the brand moved to road racing motorcycle market and made a revolution with toe sliders and other advanced features.

In 1990 Alpinestars entered onto car racing industry and its dedication to quality as well as excellence gained the respect of the top class athletes in F1, WRC, CART and Sportscar. Alpinestars laboratory located within the US and Europe (Italy) is enriched with a pool of expert having motorcycling and auto racing backgrounds.

Alpinestars always give emphasis on research and development. In their quest of exceeding the wants of racers the brand establishes an in-house laboratory in order to check product performance and material resistance. Besides, it arranges simulation programs to observe how their products behave under extreme conditions. This allows the company to ensure the consistency and the best quality in all its merchandises. In the product assembly department the development team works with cad-cam stations along with electronic cutting tables. The team assembles new product, fittings samples and prototype.

All the prototypes are then tested in Alpinestar’s research lab, on the racetrack, on the road. When the prototype gives the best result in for every test only then it becomes available to racers. In order to provide on-the-spot help to the highest racers Alpinestars has racing service department that is equipped with latest technology and full technical support workshop.

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