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Men's Snowmobile Pants and Bibs


Snowmobile pants protect your legs and snowmobile bibs extend up to your chest area. While on a snowmobile ride you definitely want a waterproof/windproof, breathable heavy duty pant to keep you dry and warm. Fit is another important issue you want to look for. Since many brands do offer their own sizing charts (with average/general measurements), before you shop, make sure to measure your waist, hips and leg length to be sure to get a pant/bib that fits accurately.
Snowmobile bibs offer different features such as interface connectors that lock jacket and pant together, double layer waterproof seat, reflective printing for increased visibility and safety, full-length double side zipper for easy access and fully waterproof Thermo-Insulation that keeps you warm and dry.
MxMegastore offers men's, women's and kids/youth snowmobile pants/bibs from top brands like Arctiva, Klim, Castle, HMK and many more at a great price.