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How to get sponsored


Why get sponsored by mxmegastore?

Mxmegastore offers everything you need to keep your machine on the track and competitive. Sponsored riders receive 20% off retail for helping us get the word out to other riders about our awesome deals on all the latest motocross apparel and parts. Sponsorship discounts do not apply to tires and clearance items.


What we require:

In order to receive sponsorship discounts we require you to:

  1. Agree to represent www.mxmegastore.com in a professional manner.
  2. Recommend www.mxmegastore.com when talking about sponsors.
  3. Display our (free) fender stickers on either your front or rear fender.
  4. Attend at least 2 sanctioned events per month.


How to get started

Simply register as a customer (click on the my account tab in the upper right of every page). Be sure to fill in all fields when registering. Then send us an email at customersupport@mxmegastore.comrequesting that we sponsor you. Give us 24 hours to get you into the system then when you log in before shopping you’ll see all the great savings available for sponsored riders. It's just that easy to start saving big money on all your motocross and power sports parts and accessories. It's an expensive sport, but it doesn't have to be.

Your mxmegastore.com sponsorship fender stickers will ship with your first order.