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Icon’s mission: Protecting group of motorcyclists with top level protective gear all over the world. “Ride Among Us” is simultaneously our slogan and invitation to enthusiastic riders with a view to bringing riders under Icon’s motocentric umbrella! 

Company Overview

For years the brand isn’t afraid to reveal the truth and run with the reality. Icon has been undeniable whether it’s rashed up Gixxers or ladies with questionable morals. American motorcycling industry is infected by hooligans that is fomenting street based motocentric lifestyle and instigating discontent. Amidst all these agitations and disrespect Icon not only endures but thrives. We are the future-the unholy alliance of motorcycling new breed. We are the true, we are the real and we are the Icon. 


In order to revolutionize the motorcycle apparel industry the brand burst onto the scene back in 2002. In this changed and modern form of motorcycle racing there was a drawback for the new ‘street’ biased rider-lack of protective helmets and apparel. Icon’s creator tried to close that hole with their products and the result was astonishing. Within a short period of time Icon’s products were embraced by this aggressive generation. Here comes our mission and invitation to motorcycle enthusiasts all over the world. 

We are world’s leading street based protective motorcycle apparel brand that makes Jackets, Pants, Gloves, Helmets and Footwear.

Icon Mens & Womens Gear