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HJC Helmets

HJC is a specialized motorcycle helmets manufacturer since 1971. Specialized manufacturing experience along with innovative designs and reasonable price has aced HJC in the world market. The prime goal of HJC is to provide comfortable, high quality helmets at a price compatible manner.

Continuous striving for the best has brought good result for HJC, since 1992 the brand has succeeded in maintaining the number one position in North America. Moreover, famous motorcyclists all over the world make HJC their brand of preference. The brand actually expanded the limit of customers’ choice with a wide selection of helmets ranging entry level position to high level.

All our helmets are tested both in laboratory and in ‘real’ life scenario which is a rare combo in the modern era of helmet manufacturing. At present there are only a few companies who have own wind tunnel testing laboratory and HJC takes pride of being one of those. In our state of the art wind tunnel testing laboratory we evaluate our helmets for aerodynamics, ventilation, noise and many other aspects. HJC has 3 helmet factories in Korea, China and Vietnam. This variation in geography provides the brand strategic venues to produce high end, mid and entry level products so that customer satisfaction can be met from all possible aspects.

RPHA 10 a full face helmet that showcases HJC’s technical capabilities and innovations with unbelievable light weight shell, center locking mechanism and superior aerodynamics came in market in 2012. The RPHA 10 is adorable and being worn by professional racers like Jorge Lorenzo, two time Moto GP World Champion and Factory Yamaha racer; Ben Spies, 3 time AMA Superbike Champion and 2009 WSBK Champion. What attracts more is our RPHA 10 has all the features of high-end helmets at a price that an average customer can afford. This is an advantage of HJC that their competitors have not been able to do. The RPHA is one of the lightest Snell helmets in the market.

The newest line of HJC is the FG series which is equipped with lightweight fiberglass and many other features the racers demand. The variation of FG series line is available with full face FG-17, open face FG-Jet and off-road FG-X. In the fall of 2014 HJC will introduce some of its finest model and innovative designs that the world has never witnessed before!

It is now proven that HJC continues to be a brand that is conducive to racing and friendly to motorcyclists all across the world. You will only get comfortable, safe, trendy and affordable helmets here.