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Wiseco Piston | Wiseco Ring Set | 2854CD

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Wiseco Piston | Wiseco Ring Set | 2854CD

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  • Forged from high-silicon alloy for maximum strength and dependability
  • Wiseco offers a complete range of popular piston models and years for both trail and racing applications
  • All Wiseco pistons are priced with rings and circlips
  • Deliver durability, longevity and increased horsepower
  • Innovative forging design and piston skirt provide maximum horsepower and torque
  • Contain all the necessary components for overboring or rebuilding your top end
  • Feature forged pistons, rings, wrist pins, circlips and top end gasket set
  • Cylinder sleeves must be purchased separately
Additional Info
Additional Info
Brand Wiseco Piston
Fitment 1991-KTM 300 DXC
1992-KTM 300 DXC
1991-KTM 300 EGS
1992-KTM 300 EGS
1993-KTM 300 EGS
1994-KTM 300 EGS
1991-KTM 300 EXC
1992-KTM 300 EXC
1993-KTM 300 EXC
1994-KTM 300 EXC
1996-KTM 300 EXC
1998-KTM 300 EXC
1999-KTM 300 EXC
2000-KTM 300 EXC
1991-KTM 300 MX
1992-KTM 300 MX
1993-KTM 300 MXC
1994-KTM 300 MXC
1995-KTM 300 MXC
1996-KTM 300 MXC
1997-KTM 300 MXC
1998-KTM 300 MXC
1999-KTM 300 MXC
2000-KTM 300 MXC
1993-KTM 300 SX
1994-KTM 300 SX
1995-KTM 300 SX
1996-KTM 300 SX
1991-KTM 300 TXC
1992-KTM 300 TXC
1994-Polaris Classic 500
1995-Polaris Classic 500
1996-Polaris Classic 500
1997-Polaris Classic 500
2002-Polaris Classic 500
2003-Polaris Classic 500
2004-Polaris Classic 500
2005-Polaris Classic 500
1989-Polaris Indy 500
1990-Polaris Indy 500
1991-Polaris Indy 500
1992-Polaris Indy 500
1995-Polaris Indy 500
1996-Polaris Indy 500
1997-Polaris Indy 500
1998-Polaris Indy 500
1999-Polaris Indy 500
2000-Polaris Indy 500
2001-Polaris Indy 500
2002-Polaris Indy 500
2003-Polaris Indy 500
1989-Polaris Indy 500 Classic
1990-Polaris Indy 500 Classic
1991-Polaris Indy 500 Classic
1992-Polaris Indy 500 Classic
1993-Polaris Indy 500 Classic
1994-Polaris Indy 500 Classic
1995-Polaris Indy 500 Classic
1996-Polaris Indy 500 Classic
1997-Polaris Indy 500 Classic
1998-Polaris Indy 500 Classic
1999-Polaris Indy 500 Classic
2000-Polaris Indy 500 Classic
2001-Polaris Indy 500 Classic
1999-Polaris Indy 500 Classic Touring
2000-Polaris Indy 500 Classic Touring
2001-Polaris Indy 500 Classic Touring
2002-Polaris Indy 500 Classic Touring
2003-Polaris Indy 500 Classic Touring
1993-Polaris Indy 500 EFI
1994-Polaris Indy 500 EFI
1995-Polaris Indy 500 EFI
1996-Polaris Indy 500 EFI
1997-Polaris Indy 500 EFI
1992-Polaris Indy 500 EFI SKS
1993-Polaris Indy 500 EFI SKS
1994-Polaris Indy 500 EFI SKS
1995-Polaris Indy 500 EFI SKS
1996-Polaris Indy 500 EFI SKS
1995-Polaris Indy 500 EFI SKS-PT
1996-Polaris Indy 500 RMK
1997-Polaris Indy 500 RMK
1998-Polaris Indy 500 RMK
1999-Polaris Indy 500 RMK
2000-Polaris Indy 500 RMK
2001-Polaris Indy 500 RMK
2002-Polaris Indy 500 RMK
1996-Polaris Indy 500 RMK EFI
1991-Polaris Indy 500 SKS
1996-Polaris Indy 500 SKS
1997-Polaris Indy 500 SKS
1995-Polaris Indy Storm 800
1996-Polaris Indy Storm 800
1997-Polaris Indy Storm 800
1998-Polaris Indy Storm 800
1996-Polaris Indy Storm 800 RMK
1997-Polaris Indy Storm 800 RMK
1997-Polaris Indy Storm 800 SE
1995-Polaris Indy Storm 800 SKS
1996-Polaris Indy Storm 800 SKS
1995-Polaris Indy Storm 800 SKS-PT
1997-Polaris Indy Super Sport 488
1998-Polaris Indy Super Sport 488
1986-Polaris Indy Trail 488
1987-Polaris Indy Trail 488
1988-Polaris Indy Trail 488
1989-Polaris Indy Trail 488
1990-Polaris Indy Trail 488
1991-Polaris Indy Trail 488
1992-Polaris Indy Trail 488
1993-Polaris Indy Trail 488
1994-Polaris Indy Trail 488
1995-Polaris Indy Trail 488
1996-Polaris Indy Trail 488
1997-Polaris Indy Trail 488
1998-Polaris Indy Trail 488
1999-Polaris Indy Trail 488
1987-Polaris Indy Trail 488 ES
1988-Polaris Indy Trail 488 ES
1989-Polaris Indy Trail 488 ES
1997-Polaris Indy Trail 488 RMK
1998-Polaris Indy Trail 488 RMK
1995-Polaris Indy Trail Deluxe
1991-Polaris Indy Trail Supertrak
1992-Polaris Indy Trail Supertrak
1996-Polaris Indy Trail Touring 488
1997-Polaris Indy Trail Touring 488
1998-Polaris Indy Trail Touring 488
1999-Polaris Indy Trail Touring 488
1999-Polaris Indy XC 500
2000-Polaris Indy XC 500
2001-Polaris Indy XC 500
1999-Polaris Indy XC 500 SP
2000-Polaris Indy XC 500 SP
2001-Polaris Indy XC 500 SP
1985-Polaris Scrambler 250
1986-Polaris Scrambler 250
1985-Polaris SCRAMBLER 250 2X4
1986-Polaris SCRAMBLER 250 2X4
1986-Polaris Trail Blazer 250
1987-Polaris Trail Blazer 250
1988-Polaris Trail Blazer 250
1989-Polaris Trail Blazer 250
1990-Polaris Trail Blazer 250
1991-Polaris Trail Blazer 250
1992-Polaris Trail Blazer 250
1993-Polaris Trail Blazer 250
1994-Polaris Trail Blazer 250
1995-Polaris Trail Blazer 250
1996-Polaris Trail Blazer 250
1997-Polaris Trail Blazer 250
1998-Polaris Trail Blazer 250
1999-Polaris Trail Blazer 250
2000-Polaris Trail Blazer 250
2001-Polaris Trail Blazer 250
2002-Polaris Trail Blazer 250
2003-Polaris Trail Blazer 250
2004-Polaris Trail Blazer 250
2005-Polaris Trail Blazer 250
2006-Polaris Trail Blazer 250
1996-Polaris TRAIL BLAZER 250 2X4
1997-Polaris TRAIL BLAZER 250 2X4
1998-Polaris TRAIL BLAZER 250 2X4
1999-Polaris TRAIL BLAZER 250 2X4
2000-Polaris TRAIL BLAZER 250 2X4
2001-Polaris TRAIL BLAZER 250 2X4
2002-Polaris TRAIL BLAZER 250 2X4
2003-Polaris TRAIL BLAZER 250 2X4
2004-Polaris TRAIL BLAZER 250 2X4
2005-Polaris TRAIL BLAZER 250 2X4
2006-Polaris TRAIL BLAZER 250 2X4
1996-Polaris Trail Blazer 250 ES
1997-Polaris Trail Blazer 250 ES
1998-Polaris Trail Blazer 250 ES
2002-Polaris Trail Blazer 250 Freedom
2003-Polaris Trail Blazer 250 Freedom
1996-Polaris Trail Blazer ES
1997-Polaris Trail Blazer ES
1998-Polaris Trail Blazer ES
1985-Polaris Trail Boss 250
1986-Polaris Trail Boss 250
1987-Polaris Trail Boss 250
1988-Polaris Trail Boss 250
1989-Polaris Trail Boss 250
1990-Polaris Trail Boss 250
1991-Polaris Trail Boss 250
1992-Polaris Trail Boss 250
1993-Polaris Trail Boss 250
1994-Polaris Trail Boss 250
1995-Polaris Trail Boss 250
1996-Polaris Trail Boss 250
1997-Polaris Trail Boss 250
1998-Polaris Trail Boss 250
1999-Polaris Trail Boss 250
2000-Polaris Trail Boss 250
2001-Polaris Trail Boss 250
2002-Polaris Trail Boss 250
1985-Polaris Trail Boss 250 2x4
1986-Polaris Trail Boss 250 2x4
1987-Polaris Trail Boss 250 2x4
1988-Polaris Trail Boss 250 2x4
1989-Polaris Trail Boss 250 2x4
1990-Polaris Trail Boss 250 2x4
1991-Polaris Trail Boss 250 2x4
1992-Polaris Trail Boss 250 2x4
1993-Polaris Trail Boss 250 2x4
1994-Polaris Trail Boss 250 2x4
1995-Polaris Trail Boss 250 2x4
1996-Polaris Trail Boss 250 2x4
1997-Polaris Trail Boss 250 2x4
1998-Polaris Trail Boss 250 2x4
1999-Polaris Trail Boss 250 2x4
2000-Polaris Trail Boss 250 2x4
2001-Polaris Trail Boss 250 2x4
2002-Polaris Trail Boss 250 2x4
1985-Polaris Trail Boss 250 4x4
1986-Polaris Trail Boss 250 4x4
1987-Polaris Trail Boss 250 4x4
1988-Polaris Trail Boss 250 4x4
1989-Polaris Trail Boss 250 4x4
1990-Polaris Trail Boss 250 4x4
1991-Polaris Trail Boss 250 4x4
1992-Polaris Trail Boss 250 4x4
1993-Polaris Trail Boss 250 4x4
1994-Polaris Trail Boss 250 4x4
1995-Polaris Trail Boss 250 4x4
1996-Polaris Trail Boss 250 4x4
1997-Polaris Trail Boss 250 4x4
1998-Polaris Trail Boss 250 4x4
1999-Polaris Trail Boss 250 4x4
1987-Polaris Trail Boss 250R
1988-Polaris Trail Boss 250R
1989-Polaris Trail Boss 250R
2002-Polaris XC 500 SP
2003-Polaris XC 500 SP
2004-Polaris XC 500 SP
1984-Yamaha Phazer
1985-Yamaha Phazer
1986-Yamaha Phazer
1987-Yamaha Phazer
1988-Yamaha Phazer
1989-Yamaha Phazer
1999-Yamaha Phazer
2000-Yamaha Phazer
2001-Yamaha Phazer
1987-Yamaha Phazer Deluxe
1988-Yamaha Phazer Deluxe
1989-Yamaha Phazer Deluxe
2001-Yamaha Phazer Deluxe
1990-Yamaha Phazer II
1991-Yamaha Phazer II
1992-Yamaha Phazer II
1993-Yamaha Phazer II
1994-Yamaha Phazer II
1990-Yamaha Phazer II LE
1991-Yamaha Phazer II LE
1992-Yamaha Phazer II LE
1993-Yamaha Phazer II LE
1994-Yamaha Phazer II LE
1995-Yamaha Phazer II LE
1996-Yamaha Phazer II LE
1991-Yamaha Phazer II ST
1992-Yamaha Phazer II ST
1993-Yamaha Phazer II ST
1994-Yamaha Phazer II ST
1995-Yamaha Phazer II ST
1997-Yamaha Phazer Mountain Lite
1998-Yamaha Phazer Mountain Lite
1999-Yamaha Phazer Mountain Lite
2000-Yamaha Phazer Mountain Lite
2001-Yamaha Phazer Mountain Lite
1991-Yamaha Venture XL
1992-Yamaha Venture XL
1993-Yamaha Venture XL
1994-Yamaha Venture XL
1995-Yamaha Venture XL
1996-Yamaha Venture XL
1997-Yamaha Venture XL
1999-Yamaha Venture XL
2000-Yamaha Venture XL
1987-Yamaha WJ500 Wave Jammer
1988-Yamaha WJ500 Wave Jammer
1989-Yamaha WJ500 Wave Jammer
1990-Yamaha WJ500 Wave Jammer
1987-Yamaha WR500 Wave Runner
1988-Yamaha WR500 Wave Runner
1989-Yamaha WR500 Wave Runner
1990-Yamaha WR500 Wave Runner
1991-Yamaha WR500 Wave Runner
1992-Yamaha WR500 Wave Runner
1993-Yamaha WR500 Wave Runner
Seller Note STOCK PHOTO: Please read title and description.
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