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Wiseco Piston | Wiseco Circlip | CW14

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Wiseco Piston | Wiseco Circlip | CW14


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Live stream from our shop dog, Jordie


  • Two high-strength, easy-to-install circlips furnished with every piston
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Additional Info
Additional Info
Brand Wiseco Piston
Fitment 1974-Honda CR125M Elsinore
1975-Honda CR125M Elsinore
1976-Honda CR125M Elsinore
1977-Honda CR125M Elsinore
1978-Honda CR125M Elsinore
1982-Honda CR125R
1983-Honda CR125R
1984-Honda CR125R
1985-Honda CR125R
1986-Honda CR125R
1987-Honda CR125R
1979-Honda CR125R Elsinore
1980-Honda CR125R Elsinore
1981-Honda CR125R Elsinore
1986-Honda CR80R
1987-Honda CR80R
1988-Honda CR80R
1989-Honda CR80R
1990-Honda CR80R
1991-Honda CR80R
1992-Honda CR80R
1993-Honda CR80R
1994-Honda CR80R
1995-Honda CR80R
1996-Honda CR80R
1997-Honda CR80R
1998-Honda CR80R
1999-Honda CR80R
2000-Honda CR80R
2001-Honda CR80R
2002-Honda CR80R
2003-Honda CR85R
2004-Honda CR85R
2005-Honda CR85R
2006-Honda CR85R
2007-Honda CR85R
2003-Honda CR85RB Expert
2004-Honda CR85RB Expert
2005-Honda CR85RB Expert
2006-Honda CR85RB Expert
2007-Honda CR85RB Expert
2004-Honda CRF100F
2005-Honda CRF100F
2006-Honda CRF100F
2007-Honda CRF100F
2008-Honda CRF100F
1981-Honda XR100
1982-Honda XR100
1983-Honda XR100
1984-Honda XR100
1985-Honda XR100R
1986-Honda XR100R
1987-Honda XR100R
1988-Honda XR100R
1989-Honda XR100R
1990-Honda XR100R
1991-Honda XR100R
1992-Honda XR100R
1993-Honda XR100R
1994-Honda XR100R
1995-Honda XR100R
1996-Honda XR100R
1997-Honda XR100R
1998-Honda XR100R
1999-Honda XR100R
2000-Honda XR100R
2001-Honda XR100R
2002-Honda XR100R
2003-Honda XR100R
1974-Kawasaki G5 100
1975-Kawasaki G5 100
1976-Kawasaki KD100M
1977-Kawasaki KD100M
1978-Kawasaki KD100M
1979-Kawasaki KD100M
1980-Kawasaki KDX80
1981-Kawasaki KDX80
1982-Kawasaki KDX80
1983-Kawasaki KDX80
1984-Kawasaki KDX80
1985-Kawasaki KDX80
1986-Kawasaki KDX80
1987-Kawasaki KDX80
1988-Kawasaki KDX80
1976-Kawasaki KE100
1977-Kawasaki KE100
1978-Kawasaki KE100
1979-Kawasaki KE100
1980-Kawasaki KE100
1981-Kawasaki KE100
1982-Kawasaki KE100
1986-Kawasaki KE100
1987-Kawasaki KE100
1988-Kawasaki KE100
1989-Kawasaki KE100
1990-Kawasaki KE100
1991-Kawasaki KE100
1992-Kawasaki KE100
1993-Kawasaki KE100
1994-Kawasaki KE100
1995-Kawasaki KE100
1996-Kawasaki KE100
1997-Kawasaki KE100
1998-Kawasaki KE100
1999-Kawasaki KE100
2000-Kawasaki KE100
2003-Kawasaki KLX125
2004-Kawasaki KLX125
2005-Kawasaki KLX125
2006-Kawasaki KLX125
2003-Kawasaki KLX125L
2004-Kawasaki KLX125L
2005-Kawasaki KLX125L
2006-Kawasaki KLX125L
1976-Kawasaki KM100
1977-Kawasaki KM100
1978-Kawasaki KM100
1979-Kawasaki KM100
1980-Kawasaki KM100
1981-Kawasaki KM100
1976-Kawasaki KV100
1995-Kawasaki KX100
1996-Kawasaki KX100
1997-Kawasaki KX100
1998-Kawasaki KX100
1999-Kawasaki KX100
2000-Kawasaki KX100
2001-Kawasaki KX100
2002-Kawasaki KX100
2003-Kawasaki KX100
2004-Kawasaki KX100
2005-Kawasaki KX100
2006-Kawasaki KX100
2007-Kawasaki KX100
2008-Kawasaki KX100
2009-Kawasaki KX100
2010-Kawasaki KX100
2011-Kawasaki KX100
1979-Kawasaki KX80
1980-Kawasaki KX80
1981-Kawasaki KX80
1982-Kawasaki KX80
1983-Kawasaki KX80
1984-Kawasaki KX80
1985-Kawasaki KX80
1988-Kawasaki KX80
1989-Kawasaki KX80
1990-Kawasaki KX80
1991-Kawasaki KX80
1992-Kawasaki KX80
1993-Kawasaki KX80
1994-Kawasaki KX80
1995-Kawasaki KX80
1996-Kawasaki KX80
1997-Kawasaki KX80
1998-Kawasaki KX80
1999-Kawasaki KX80
2000-Kawasaki KX80
1986-Kawasaki KX80 Big Wheel
1987-Kawasaki KX80 Big Wheel
1988-Kawasaki KX80 Big Wheel
1989-Kawasaki KX80 Big Wheel
1990-Kawasaki KX80 Big Wheel
1991-Kawasaki KX80 Big Wheel
1992-Kawasaki KX80 Big Wheel
1993-Kawasaki KX80 Big Wheel
1994-Kawasaki KX80 Big Wheel
1995-Kawasaki KX80 Big Wheel
1996-Kawasaki KX80 Big Wheel
1997-Kawasaki KX80 Big Wheel
2001-Kawasaki KX85
2002-Kawasaki KX85
2003-Kawasaki KX85
2004-Kawasaki KX85
2005-Kawasaki KX85
2006-Kawasaki KX85
2007-Kawasaki KX85
2008-Kawasaki KX85
2009-Kawasaki KX85
2010-Kawasaki KX85
2014-Kawasaki KX85
2015-Kawasaki KX85
2016-Kawasaki KX85
2004-KTM 105 SX
2005-KTM 105 SX
2006-KTM 105 SX
2007-KTM 105 SX
2008-KTM 105 SX
2009-KTM 105 SX
2010-KTM 105 SX
2011-KTM 105 SX
2012-KTM 105 SX
2013-KTM 105 SX
2014-KTM 105 SX
2015-KTM 105 SX
2003-KTM 85 SX
2004-KTM 85 SX
2005-KTM 85 SX
2006-KTM 85 SX
2007-KTM 85 SX
2008-KTM 85 SX
2009-KTM 85 SX
2010-KTM 85 SX
2011-KTM 85 SX
2012-KTM 85 SX
2013-KTM 85 SX
2014-KTM 85 SX
2015-KTM 85 SX
2016-KTM 85 SX
2003-KTM 85 XC
2004-KTM 85 XC
2005-KTM 85 XC
2006-KTM 85 XC
2007-KTM 85 XC
2008-KTM 85 XC
2009-KTM 85 XC
2010-KTM 85 XC
2011-KTM 85 XC
2012-KTM 85 XC
2013-KTM 85 XC
2014-KTM 85 XC
2015-KTM 85 XC
2016-KTM 85 XC
2003-Suzuki DR-Z125
2004-Suzuki DR-Z125
2005-Suzuki DR-Z125
2006-Suzuki DR-Z125
2007-Suzuki DR-Z125
2008-Suzuki DR-Z125
2003-Suzuki DR-Z125L
2004-Suzuki DR-Z125L
2005-Suzuki DR-Z125L
2006-Suzuki DR-Z125L
2007-Suzuki DR-Z125L
2008-Suzuki DR-Z125L
1979-Suzuki DS125
1980-Suzuki DS125
1981-Suzuki DS125
2001-Suzuki GSX-R600
2002-Suzuki GSX-R600
2003-Suzuki GSX-R600
2004-Suzuki GSX-R600
2005-Suzuki GSX-R600
2006-Suzuki GSX-R600
2007-Suzuki GSX-R600
1976-Suzuki RM100
1979-Suzuki RM100
1980-Suzuki RM100
1981-Suzuki RM100
2003-Suzuki RM100
2004-Suzuki RM100
1977-Suzuki RM125
1978-Suzuki RM125
1979-Suzuki RM125
1980-Suzuki RM125
1981-Suzuki RM125
1982-Suzuki RM125
1983-Suzuki RM125
1984-Suzuki RM125
1985-Suzuki RM125
1986-Suzuki RM125
1987-Suzuki RM125
1983-Suzuki RM80
1984-Suzuki RM80
1985-Suzuki RM80
1986-Suzuki RM80
1987-Suzuki RM80
1988-Suzuki RM80
1989-Suzuki RM80
1990-Suzuki RM80
1991-Suzuki RM80
1992-Suzuki RM80
1993-Suzuki RM80
1994-Suzuki RM80
1995-Suzuki RM80
1996-Suzuki RM80
1997-Suzuki RM80
1998-Suzuki RM80
1999-Suzuki RM80
2000-Suzuki RM80
2001-Suzuki RM80
2002-Suzuki RM85
2003-Suzuki RM85
2004-Suzuki RM85
2005-Suzuki RM85
2006-Suzuki RM85
2007-Suzuki RM85
2008-Suzuki RM85
2009-Suzuki RM85
2010-Suzuki RM85
2003-Suzuki RM85L
2004-Suzuki RM85L
2005-Suzuki RM85L
2006-Suzuki RM85L
2007-Suzuki RM85L
2008-Suzuki RM85L
2009-Suzuki RM85L
2010-Suzuki RM85L
1972-Suzuki TC125 Prospector
1973-Suzuki TC125 Prospector
1974-Suzuki TC125 Prospector
1975-Suzuki TC125 Prospector
1976-Suzuki TC125 Prospector
1977-Suzuki TC125 Prospector
1979-Suzuki TS125 Duster
1980-Suzuki TS125 Duster
1981-Suzuki TS125 Duster
1974-Yamaha DT100
1975-Yamaha DT100
1976-Yamaha DT100
1977-Yamaha DT100
1978-Yamaha DT100
1979-Yamaha DT100
1980-Yamaha DT100
1981-Yamaha DT100
1982-Yamaha DT100
1983-Yamaha DT100
1972-Yamaha LT-2
1972-Yamaha LT2M
1973-Yamaha LTMX
1974-Yamaha MX100
1975-Yamaha MX100
1979-Yamaha MX100
1980-Yamaha MX100
1981-Yamaha MX100
1982-Yamaha MX100
1983-Yamaha MX100
1990-Yamaha RT100
1991-Yamaha RT100
1992-Yamaha RT100
1993-Yamaha RT100
1994-Yamaha RT100
1995-Yamaha RT100
1996-Yamaha RT100
1997-Yamaha RT100
1998-Yamaha RT100
1999-Yamaha RT100
2000-Yamaha RT100
1993-Yamaha YZ80
1994-Yamaha YZ80
1995-Yamaha YZ80
1996-Yamaha YZ80
1997-Yamaha YZ80
1998-Yamaha YZ80
1999-Yamaha YZ80
2000-Yamaha YZ80
2001-Yamaha YZ80
2002-Yamaha YZ85
2003-Yamaha YZ85
2004-Yamaha YZ85
2005-Yamaha YZ85
2006-Yamaha YZ85
2007-Yamaha YZ85
2008-Yamaha YZ85
2009-Yamaha YZ85
2010-Yamaha YZ85
Seller Note STOCK PHOTO: Please read title and description.
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