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Parts Unlimited | Fork Seal 33X45X11 | 0

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Parts Unlimited | Fork Seal 33X45X11 | 0

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Parts Unlimited






  • High-quality replacement fork seals and wipers for Japanese and European motorcycles
  • Some fork seals feature genuine NOK anti-stiction material as noted
  • Made to OEM specifications
  • Sold in pairs
Additional Info
Additional Info
Brand Parts Unlimited
Fitment 1984-Kawasaki KX80
1985-Kawasaki KX80
1985-Yamaha BW200 Big Wheel
1986-Yamaha BW200 Big Wheel
1987-Yamaha BW200 Big Wheel
1988-Yamaha BW200 Big Wheel
1988-Yamaha BW350 Big Wheel
1987-Yamaha SRX250
1987-Yamaha TW200
1988-Yamaha TW200
1989-Yamaha TW200
1990-Yamaha TW200
1991-Yamaha TW200
1992-Yamaha TW200
1993-Yamaha TW200
1994-Yamaha TW200
1995-Yamaha TW200
1996-Yamaha TW200
1997-Yamaha TW200
1998-Yamaha TW200
1999-Yamaha TW200
2000-Yamaha TW200
2001-Yamaha TW200
2002-Yamaha TW200
2003-Yamaha TW200
2004-Yamaha TW200
2005-Yamaha TW200
2006-Yamaha TW200
2007-Yamaha TW200
2008-Yamaha TW200
2009-Yamaha TW200
2010-Yamaha TW200
2011-Yamaha TW200
2012-Yamaha TW200
2013-Yamaha TW200
2014-Yamaha TW200
2015-Yamaha TW200
1987-Yamaha TW200 Trailway
1988-Yamaha TW200 Trailway
1989-Yamaha TW200 Trailway
1990-Yamaha TW200 Trailway
1991-Yamaha TW200 Trailway
1992-Yamaha TW200 Trailway
1993-Yamaha TW200 Trailway
1994-Yamaha TW200 Trailway
1995-Yamaha TW200 Trailway
1996-Yamaha TW200 Trailway
1997-Yamaha TW200 Trailway
1998-Yamaha TW200 Trailway
1999-Yamaha TW200 Trailway
2000-Yamaha TW200 Trailway
2001-Yamaha TW200 Trailway
2002-Yamaha TW200 Trailway
2003-Yamaha TW200 Trailway
2004-Yamaha TW200 Trailway
2005-Yamaha TW200 Trailway
2006-Yamaha TW200 Trailway
2007-Yamaha TW200 Trailway
2008-Yamaha TW200 Trailway
2009-Yamaha TW200 Trailway
2010-Yamaha TW200 Trailway
2011-Yamaha TW200 Trailway
2012-Yamaha TW200 Trailway
1988-Yamaha XV250 Route 66
1989-Yamaha XV250 Route 66
1990-Yamaha XV250 Route 66
1988-Yamaha XV250 V-Star
1989-Yamaha XV250 V-Star
1990-Yamaha XV250 V-Star
1988-Yamaha XV250 Virago
1989-Yamaha XV250 Virago
1990-Yamaha XV250 Virago
1983-Yamaha YZ80
1984-Yamaha YZ80
1985-Yamaha YZ80
1986-Yamaha YZ80
1987-Yamaha YZ80
1988-Yamaha YZ80
1989-Yamaha YZ80
1990-Yamaha YZ80
1991-Yamaha YZ80
1992-Yamaha YZ80
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