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Ngk Spark Plugs | Spark Plug Ngk | 5329

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NGK Spark Plugs | Spark Plug NGK | 5329


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  • Superior construction for serious power
  • NGK makes plugs for almost every application and riding style
  • Versatile plugs with wide operating heat ranges prevent fouling from running too cool and preignition from running too hot
  • Feature high alumina ceramics for improved heat dissipation and electrical insulation, deep-seated copper core for a wider heat range and a nickel alloy tip for longer life
Additional Info
Additional Info
Brand NGK Spark Plugs
Fitment 1994-Honda CB1000
1995-Honda CB1000
1994-Honda CB1000F
1995-Honda CB1000F
1987-Honda CBR1000F
1988-Honda CBR1000F
1990-Honda CBR1000F
1991-Honda CBR1000F
1992-Honda CBR1000F
1993-Honda CBR1000F
1994-Honda CBR1000F
1995-Honda CBR1000F
1996-Honda CBR1000F
1987-Honda CBR1000F Hurricane
1988-Honda CBR1000F Hurricane
1985-Honda VF1000F2
1986-Honda VF1000F2
1985-Honda VF1000R
1986-Honda VF1000R
1986-Honda VFR750F 750 Interceptor
1983-Kawasaki KL250
1984-Kawasaki KL250
1985-Kawasaki KL250
1986-Kawasaki KL250
1987-Kawasaki KL250
1988-Kawasaki KL250
1989-Kawasaki KL250
1990-Kawasaki KLR250
1991-Kawasaki KLR250
1990-Suzuki DR250
1991-Suzuki DR250
1992-Suzuki DR250
1993-Suzuki DR250
1990-Suzuki DR250S
1991-Suzuki DR250S
1992-Suzuki DR250S
1993-Suzuki DR250SE
1994-Suzuki DR250SE
1995-Suzuki DR250SE
1990-Suzuki DR350
1991-Suzuki DR350
1992-Suzuki DR350
1993-Suzuki DR350
1994-Suzuki DR350
1995-Suzuki DR350
1996-Suzuki DR350
1997-Suzuki DR350
1998-Suzuki DR350
1990-Suzuki DR350S
1991-Suzuki DR350S
1992-Suzuki DR350S
1993-Suzuki DR350S
1990-Suzuki DR650S
1991-Suzuki DR650S
1992-Suzuki DR650S
1993-Suzuki DR650S
1994-Suzuki DR650SE
1995-Suzuki DR650SE
2001-Triumph Bonneville
2002-Triumph Bonneville
2003-Triumph Bonneville
2004-Triumph Bonneville
2005-Triumph Bonneville
2002-Triumph Bonneville T100
2003-Triumph Bonneville T100
2004-Triumph Bonneville T100
1995-Triumph Daytona 1200
1996-Triumph Daytona 1200
1997-Triumph Daytona 1200
2003-Triumph Speedmaster
2004-Triumph Speedmaster
1995-Triumph Sprint 900
1996-Triumph Sprint 900
2000-Triumph Sprint RS
2001-Triumph Sprint RS
1999-Triumph Sprint ST
2000-Triumph Sprint ST
2001-Triumph Sprint ST
1995-Triumph Trophy 900
1996-Triumph Trophy 900
1997-Triumph Trophy 900
1998-Triumph Trophy 900
1999-Triumph Trophy 900
2000-Triumph Trophy 900
2001-Triumph Trophy 900
2002-Triumph Trophy 900
1992-Yamaha TDM850
1993-Yamaha TDM850
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