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Men's Snowmobile Jackets


Snowmobile jackets have come a long way since the leather one piece suits of the 70s. They may have kept you warm but damn were they like ovens! Snowmobile jackets for today's riding are packed with features like windproof, waterproof, breathable membranes that protect you from the elements when it's cold and nasty out but still have the ability to breathe so that hot air can escape out the back of the jacket. The last thing you want to do when you're out on the trails or in the deep mountain powder is sweat.

When you start riding in the early morning it may be 10 below and by noon it could be 30 above. You're going to want a snowmobile specific jacket that is going to keep you comfortable in all conditions. Removable liners, tons of venting and breathable materials all work in conjunction to keep you comfortable. Whether it's Klim's Gorte-Tex, FXR's HYDRX or Castle's Thinsulate insulation they're all going to be light years ahead of that old winter coat from your past.

Reflective piping and materials on the front and back of most jackets also help keep you safe by being seen at night. MxMegastore guarantees the lowest price on many top brands like FXR, Castle, Klim, Arctiva and many more. Snowmobile jackets also work great for skiing, hunting, ice fishing ect. You'll just look a lot cooler than everyone else out there!