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Fox Motocross Goggles

Fox has taken their never ending pursuit to bring you the best gear available to the goggle market. Fox motocross goggles have a cool edgy look that you would expect from Fox along with all the safety features to keep you protected from an 80mph rock coming off the clutch dumper in front of you. Fox Mx goggles incorporate the Smart Venting System to increase airflow over the lens of the goggle helping to prevent fogging when standing still or riding at low speed. By increasing air volume by 30% the all new AIRSPC goggle takes ventilation, peripheral vision and comfort to a new level. By increasing the volume of the goggle Fox has greatly increased the field of vision.

Fox motocross goggles also incorporates 19mm triple layer face foam to provide optimum comfort and still allow for maximum venting. Fox dirt bike goggles have an 8-pin lens retention to keep the lens securely attached to the frame all the way around which keeps very small pieces of dirt from getting between the lens and the frame.

Fox goggles all have Lexan (yeah, that's the stuff they make bullet proof glass from) UV coated lenses which not only protect against dirt and rocks but also the sun's harmful rays. A 45mm non-slip silicone strap keeps the goggle strap positioned just where you want it. Removable nose rock guards also provide an extra level of protection. Fox Airspace sand goggles are specifically designed for use in extreme sandy conditions . They feature closed cell vent foam to eliminate sand particles from entering the viewport. Fox enduro goggles come equipped with an anti-fog treated dual pane Lexan lens to eliminate fogging in cold riding conditions.

When you're just about to make it into first place you don't want to find out you have a piece of dirt bouncing around in you goggles and the complete Fox Motocross goggle line is engineered to make sure that doesn't happen!!