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JT Sprockets | Sprocket Alum 46T Hon | JTA21046
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JT Sprockets | Sprocket Alum 46T Hon | JTA21046

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  • Computer designed to achieve ultimate strength at minimum weight
  • JT combines leading-edge technology with top materials to produce the ultimate quality sprocket range with unbeatable value
  • Every sprocket meets or exceeds the highest possible quality standards
  • Sprockets are heat-treated and beadblasted to reduce material surface tension
  • Front sprockets made with top-quality Japanese C45 high carbon steel and SCM415 chromoly steel alloy
  • Steel rear sprockets made with top-quality Japanese C45 high carbon steel
  • Aluminum rear sprockets are made with high-strength Austrian 7075 T-6 anodized aluminum
  • JT aluminum sprockets are about 30% lighter than a comparable steel equivalent, which reduces un-sprung rotating weight and improves performance
  • Lightweight front sprockets available for some applications
Additional Info
Additional Info
Brand JT Sprockets
Fitment 2003-Honda CRF150F
2004-Honda CRF150F
2005-Honda CRF150F
2006-Honda CRF150F
2007-Honda CRF150F
2008-Honda CRF150F
2009-Honda CRF150F
2010-Honda CRF150F
2011-Honda CRF150F
2012-Honda CRF150F
2013-Honda CRF150F
2014-Honda CRF150F
2015-Honda CRF150F
2016-Honda CRF150F
2003-Honda CRF230F
2004-Honda CRF230F
2005-Honda CRF230F
2006-Honda CRF230F
2007-Honda CRF230F
2008-Honda CRF230F
2009-Honda CRF230F
2010-Honda CRF230F
2011-Honda CRF230F
2012-Honda CRF230F
2013-Honda CRF230F
2014-Honda CRF230F
2015-Honda CRF230F
2004-Honda CRF250R
2005-Honda CRF250R
2006-Honda CRF250R
2007-Honda CRF250R
2008-Honda CRF250R
2009-Honda CRF250R
2010-Honda CRF250R
2011-Honda CRF250R
2012-Honda CRF250R
2013-Honda CRF250R
2014-Honda CRF250R
2015-Honda CRF250R
2016-Honda CRF250R
2002-Honda CRF450R
2003-Honda CRF450R
2004-Honda CRF450R
2005-Honda CRF450R
2006-Honda CRF450R
2007-Honda CRF450R
2008-Honda CRF450R
2009-Honda CRF450R
2010-Honda CRF450R
2011-Honda CRF450R
2012-Honda CRF450R
2013-Honda CRF450R
2014-Honda CRF450R
2015-Honda CRF450R
2016-Honda CRF450R
2005-Honda CRF450X
2006-Honda CRF450X
2007-Honda CRF450X
2008-Honda CRF450X
2009-Honda CRF450X
2010-Honda CRF450X
2011-Honda CRF450X
2012-Honda CRF450X
2013-Honda CRF450X
2014-Honda CRF450X
2015-Honda CRF450X
2016-Honda CRF450X
Seller Note STOCK PHOTO: Please read title and description.
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