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Excel | Rim 2.15X18" 32H Gold | FEG411
STOCK PHOTO: Please read title and description.

Excel | Rim 2.15X18" 32H Gold | FEG411


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  • Anodized aluminum construction
  • Available in many anodized colors as listed
  • All rims must use Excel spoke and nipple sets unless otherwise noted (OEM nipples are too small)
Additional Info
Additional Info
Brand Excel
Fitment 1989-Honda CR125R
1990-Honda CR125R
1991-Honda CR125R
1992-Honda CR125R
1993-Honda CR125R
1994-Honda CR125R
1995-Honda CR125R
1996-Honda CR125R
1997-Honda CR125R
1998-Honda CR125R
1999-Honda CR125R
2000-Honda CR125R
2001-Honda CR125R
2002-Honda CR125R
2003-Honda CR125R
2004-Honda CR125R
2005-Honda CR125R
2006-Honda CR125R
2007-Honda CR125R
1989-Honda CR250R
1990-Honda CR250R
1991-Honda CR250R
1992-Honda CR250R
1993-Honda CR250R
1994-Honda CR250R
1995-Honda CR250R
1996-Honda CR250R
1997-Honda CR250R
1998-Honda CR250R
1999-Honda CR250R
2000-Honda CR250R
2001-Honda CR250R
2002-Honda CR250R
2003-Honda CR250R
2004-Honda CR250R
2005-Honda CR250R
2006-Honda CR250R
2007-Honda CR250R
1989-Honda CR500R
1990-Honda CR500R
1991-Honda CR500R
1992-Honda CR500R
1993-Honda CR500R
1994-Honda CR500R
1995-Honda CR500R
1996-Honda CR500R
1997-Honda CR500R
1998-Honda CR500R
1999-Honda CR500R
2000-Honda CR500R
2001-Honda CR500R
2005-Honda CRF250R
2006-Honda CRF250R
2007-Honda CRF250R
2008-Honda CRF250R
2009-Honda CRF250R
2010-Honda CRF250R
2011-Honda CRF250R
2012-Honda CRF250R
2013-Honda CRF250R
2014-Honda CRF250R
2015-Honda CRF250R
2016-Honda CRF250R
2006-Honda CRF250X
2007-Honda CRF250X
2012-Honda CRF250X
2013-Honda CRF250X
2015-Honda CRF250X
2002-Honda CRF450R
2003-Honda CRF450R
2004-Honda CRF450R
2005-Honda CRF450R
2006-Honda CRF450R
2007-Honda CRF450R
2008-Honda CRF450R
2009-Honda CRF450R
2010-Honda CRF450R
2011-Honda CRF450R
2012-Honda CRF450R
2013-Honda CRF450R
2014-Honda CRF450R
2015-Honda CRF450R
2016-Honda CRF450R
2005-Honda CRF450X
2006-Honda CRF450X
2007-Honda CRF450X
2012-Honda CRF450X
2013-Honda CRF450X
2014-Honda CRF450X
2015-Honda CRF450X
2016-Honda CRF450X
Seller Note STOCK PHOTO: Please read title and description.
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