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Turtle Fur

The Turtle Fur Group

Everything begins with an idea and a dream and in Turtle Fur Group each of our individual brands has its own inspiration, voice and story. All these are backed by unswerving dedication to quality & innovation, love & respect for our planet while having fun.

Turtle Fur

More than three decades ago Turtle Fur was established at the base of Mount Mansfield at Vermont, USA. Our family of Turtles is inspired to design innovative and unique hats, socks, necks, clavas, gloves and many more for outdoors and indoors. Each of our products is crafted with softness and warmth, endless love and passion.

Nordic Gear

Nordic Gear started its journey in 1966; the brand is the inventor of the famous Lectra Battery Heated Sox® and Lectra Battery Heated Glove®. The name was changed to Nordic Gear in 1992 to better adjust the evolving product offering. Nordic Gear is the originator of the Fog Free® Cold Weather Breathing System, Cinched Balaclava®, fleece couch sack etc.

FU-R Headwear

FU-R Headwear loves designing, making as well as wearing hats. We feel proud to create other rules other than styles, we feel proud that our products fit and feel wonderful. While producing our hats we use high quality fibers that results into interesting textures and shapes with longer durability than average. With us you are free from replicated boring hats.

Vermont Originals

A professor from Cornell and one of his students actually founded Vermont Originals in 1971. It was actually the outcome of a case study on cottage industry for the Cornell Business School. The original products are 100% wool hats knit in the handcrafted manner by knitters. These skills are transferred generation to generation by their mothers, sisters, aunts or cousins. Vermont Originals are also specialized in knitting for teams, resorts and schools directly into the hats along with their beautiful collection of handcrafted hats.