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Tour Master

The history of Tour Master has multiple layers during its evolvement. In order to find the root of the brand let’s begin with Helmet House’s history which was started in March of 1969. Helmet’s House’s Vice President and Co-Founder Phil Bellomy and President and other Co-Founder Bob Miller were employees of Grant Industries in Los Angeles, CA that time. Grant was at that time manufacturer of custom automotive steering, piston rings and motorcycle helmets. Phil and Bob started to buy Grant’s second hand helmets and sell those to the swapmeet. They became successful in a few days and quit their jobs at Grant. Here comes the rise of Helmet House: Shoei Helmets are core to the story.

In 1972 Bob and Phil began selling to motorcycle dealerships and opened a small retail store along with a warehouse in West Los Angeles. Six years later in 1978 Helmet House launched the Tour Master brand of motorcycle riding gear by leveraging all its expertise in the motorcycle retail and distribution business. Initially it was concentrated mainly on gloves and apparel and now bags, boots and rain suits are added in the line. Cortech is the latest line of gear that came out from our Tour Master brand. Being latest Cortech brings sophisticated innovations and advanced fabric technologies of our Tour Master gear that is offering performance enhancing products. Since 2002, Cortech is expanding its business without any fluctuation in the growth curve and acting like a major player in gloves and riding gear industry.

In 2005, Tour Master extended to its full range and started providing technically sophisticated riding gear, wide ranging luggage systems, boots as well as gloves. Besides, our product testing procedure and development process is highly advanced using sophisticated computer fabric wear and stress analysis. We put our luggage system on the roof top of our CA headquarters to test the performance under extreme heat and long term color fastness. Furthermore, we test our garments in a wind room that ensures proper ventilation and waterproofing capabilities of our merchandise when a rider will be going at 90mph under storming wind and heavy rain. To be frank we are the first manufacturer who test garments in such way. This rigorous testing procedure gives the long distance tourers the faith to rely on our gear.

Tour Master has developed a strong sales force of almost 8000 motorcycle retailers across the US. Along with the sales staff we upgraded our management systems as well. Helmet House takes pride to be the powersports distributor for casual wear jackets, Mobile Warming products and gear that is heated through portable lithium-ion batteries.

Today Tour Master has reached in such a position that management is thinking of another warehouse. In fact, it’s becoming a necessity day by day due to our increased sales volume and mass manufacturing. Our sales staff keeps on growing and in order to support our growth curve we have also upgraded our total management system. We feel proud of where we are today. It’s a marvelous achievement for two guys who started out at the ‘swapmeet’.