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Thor Technical Eye-Wear

Thor Technical Eye-Wear

Thor offers some of the best goggles in the world. The same company that makes great riding gear also makes amazing goggles for every type of racer or rider. In fact, Thor offers four main lines of goggles-Ally, Hero, Enemy and Bomber, with different types of features within each line for different types of riders and conditions.


The Ally, which comes in Painted or Wrapped is a high performance goggle better defined as High performance optics. Premium features, and incredible performance come in a contoured frame designed to increase peripheral vision. There are filtered intake and exhaust apertures, which provide ideal airflow and reduce fogging, and four interchangeable vent inserts give your goggles a fresh and custom look. Race vision comes through the mirrored, smoke, optically correct, scratch resistant, Lexan lens with anti-fog coating and UV protection for unimpeded vision.

The Thermal molded triple layer face-foam provides a luxurious feel against the skin around your eyes. The woven embossed strap with three silicone strips helps prevent the goggles from slipping around. Another great feature is the removable nose guard for additional roost protection (a nose guard also provides a bit of sun protection). The 3-post tear-off system allows easy mounting of tear-offs for those muddy days on the track or trail.

The Hero, which also comes in Painted or Wrapped, is designed for performance and comfort. Every detail has been refined for optimum performance and an ideal fit. The drilled frame helps circulate air to prevent fogging and the molded outrigger positioning system helps create a secure fit, a critical factor in a long off-road race or a hard landing off of a jump. Every Hero goggle comes standard with an optically correct, mirrored, smoke Lexan lens with anti-fog coating and UV protection. This is high performance optics at its best. The Hero stays secure over the roughest whoops via its molded strap adjustment system with silicone back and sculpted styling for an exceptional fit, and peripheral vision tear-offs mount easily thanks to the Hero’s standard mounting pegs. The Hero also comes with an extra clear lens for those dark days or night rides.

<p > <p > The Enemy line comes in Printed, Solid, or Sand and might actually turn into your best friend when it comes to goggles, or should we say “technical eye-wear,” because Thor goggles are a lot more than just another set of goggles. The Enemy goggle offers incredible performance and value with aggressive styling and a long list of features. The Enemy provides superior vision and comfort in an incredible package.

The Enemy Sand is great example of a goggle built for a purpose. This is an exceptional goggle, especially for western riders who might find themselves on a dry, dusty track or busting through the desert at 90 miles per hour. This goggle employs “Closed-Cell’ technology to prevent minute sand particles from entering the goggle, which can be a critical factor in billowing dust or blowing sugar sand. The Enemy Sand still allows your eyes to breathe thanks to its innovative aperture air system for optimal air flow. There is also single layered molded face foam allowing for additional comfort and secure seal. Thor’s optically correct Lexan lens is part of the package, as well as Thor’s sculpted styling for great peripheral vision and exceptional fit, plus the drilled frame helps circulate air to prevent fogging. Thor’s woven strap with silicone back keeps this goggle secured to your helmet. A plush goggle bag is included, as well as a spare lens. Tear-off packs are also available through Thor.


<p > Another goggle in the Thor line-up is the Bomber, which offers the same great features as Thor’s other superior goggles, but adds a 3-post first turn tear-off and roll-off system. Why didn’t anyone think of this before? Think of it, you blast through the first turn and then pull your tear-off for clear vision. Then for the rest of the race, when you get roosted or when mud obscures your vision, you just pull the roll-off. It’s the best of both worlds. The clear film canister lets you know exactly when a new roll of film is needed and the triple layer molded face foam offers a secure seal against the elements. The Bomber includes two rolls of film and a plush goggle bag. Thor goggles, or high performance optics, make a welcome addition to any rider’s gear bag. Put them out front and offer them as part of a full Thor riding gear package. Thor makes great riding gear for great riders. See the whole line of Thor riding gear for men, women, and youth, as well as sportswear, helmets, armor and accessories at www.mxmegastore.com.