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Speed and Strength

Speed and Strength are driven by the love of ultimate acceleration and fueled by two-wheel communal consciousness.

For those who run with the bulls, for the gung ho sport racer, for the aggressive rider and stunt rider—Speed and Strength brings them all under its umbrella. Our jackets, gloves, helmets and all other gear are the revolutionary protective motorcycle gear to shield you on furious ride. Yes, the revolution has begun.

Speed and Strength has become a championship contender over the past five years. The brand has become a badge of honor for hundreds of thousands of S/S riders across North America. Just keep in mind when you ride with the best you are part of the Speed and Strength. This is simply because XDL Champion Bill Dixon, AMA Grand National Champion Jared Mees, IOX World Champion Rickey Gadson and AMA XR1200 Champion Micheal Barnes ride with Speed and Strength.

With the new “Urge Overkill” Speed and Strength shows why it’s the fastest growing brand in USA. We are built for speed, tested to destruction and raise the standard beyond the current position. With Speed and Strength you will believe that sometimes motorcycles are more than two wheels.