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Fuchs Silkolene is especially manufactured motorcycle lubricants developed on the race track in order to ensure ultimate performance. The brand was originally known as Dalton and the current name Silkolene Lubricants came in the early 80’s. Nine years later the company became a member of the German Fuchs Group, a giant in advanced lubrication technology. Since then the name Silkolene has become name of fame in motorsport lubrication.

The brand has strong historic base as Silkolene worked many years with the US Air Force on a technical collaboration program. The project was rich on the field of synthetic lubrication and by virtue of this project the brand become a leader in this field.

In the early 80’s the brand utilized the synthetic technology that was developed for aerospace applications and subsequently entered the UK motorsports market with Silkolene rally teams. Besides, the brand went under a long term Sponsorship arrangement with the Honda UK Motorcycle Race Team. It didn’t take the brand too much time to become the UK market leader. Thanks to Silkolene’s extensive research program and track testing facilities. Today the brand is distributing its products in more than 40 countries over UK, Mainland Europe, USA and South East Asia.

The brand is showing its sign of excellence in all motorsports activities like watercraft, car racing, motorcycle and kart racing. World famous motorcycle brands Honda, Kawasaki and Suzuki select Sikolene as their first choice. Silkolene riders have proved their performance in World Superbikes, Grand Prix World Championships and the Isle of Man TT.

The company can differentiate its products according to the demand of its niche market which is a great strength for them over the years. Silkolene is the ‘research led, race bred’ products manufactured to meet the unique requirements.

The Silkolene Company has benefited in many ways from being a part of the Fuchs Group. It experiences a rapid growth and high degree of specialization. And the brand’s quest towards success is going on….