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Since the birth of SCOTT in 1958 the sport of skiing has been revolutionized with a technical innovation from Ed Scott. Ed Scott was a ski racer and a talented engineer who first invented tapered aluminium ski pole instead of bamboo and steel. This revolutionary invention has placed SCOTT as the technical product leader in skiing market. The brand entered into the Motocross market in 1970 with motocross specific goggle. Later it concentrated on making boots, grips and other accessories. In 1971, the brand manufactured the world’s lightest ski boot as well as foam ventilated goggle, the first ever of its type. SCOTT opened its ski pole factory in 1986 in Italy which was the world’s most sophisticated factory of that time. The same year the company introduced its first mountain bike. The aerodynamic handlebar was a significant invention in the history of cycling. It was introduced by SCOTT in 1989 and subsequently was used by Greg Lemond in his 1989 Tour de France win. In 1991 the brand decided to consolidate its mountain bike business which it started five years back. Accordingly SCOTT entered into the production of mountain bike suspension that year and just a year later the company revealed its first full-suspension mountain bike.

In 1997, the company began its technical winter sport apparel line. A year later SCOTT came with a ground breaking product named as ‘G-Zero’ which was the lightest full-suspension mountain bike. The fame of the brand spread like wildfire and it was a milestone for the bike industry. In 2000 the brand went for mass Ski Accessory Innovations and it patented some motocross specific goggles like RAM Air ventilation and revolutionary Amplifier lens. The brand also released adjustable LeverLock ski pole strap system in the very same year. In the year of 2001, SCOTT presented the lightest frame worldwide which was less than 1000gm; subsequently it was topped in 2003 by the CR1. ‘A Revolutionary Mountain Bike’ had taken the motorcycle industry by storm when SCOTT presented the Genius in 2003, a whole new idea of a full-suspension bike with three different mode shock adjustability. The success of the Genius bike was mostly highlighted by Thomas Frischknecht who won the marathon event at the World Championships. A year later SCOTT won European Ski Award with the Biomex® Helmet. The helmet was a great booster for the head safety in winter sports.

In 2005, the brand invented the lightest Triathlon Bike with the state-of-the-art triathlon frame. PLASMA, was only 980gm weight and with the integrated aero sear post at 300gms the outcome was the world’s lightest aero-carbon frame with triathlon-specific geometry. SCOTT celebrated its 50 years Anniversary in 2008. Over the 50 years times have changed a lot and the brand is now a powerhouse in wintersport, Motosport, Bike and Running. However, the core vision has always remained the same: Innovation-Technology-Design.

In 2010 another New Twin Loc suspension technology bike was introduced for riders’ convenience. With the technology riders can switch between Traction mode, full travel and complete lock out.

In the year of 2011 SCOTT again produced quite a few new bikes. The first one is Scott Scale MTB which was less than 899gms. Nino Schurter won the Overall MTB World Cup with this bike. Next it was Genius LT Bike which proved as a necessity in All Mountain situations when the steeps are bad but you want to climb to the ace. Moreover, SCOTT offered an E-Bike line in close collaboration with Bosch, the electronic giant.