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A decade of doing what our customers want

If we look back ten years from now Nora and I had nothing. We were virtually on the streets after a failed business attempt in Mexico but I never gave up my dream of making top line clothing company. After lot of arguments we decided to make dickies, a product that I made for myself while training for mountain bike racing. At our very first introduction we sold 24 dickies and fortunately our idea caught on soon. A few days later we were able to make our first big show in Nevada.

We were always in need of inventory. Nevertheless, Nora and I decided to buy some sewing machines and 4X8 piece of plywood. With this little inventory we began our little sewing shop at the Edgewater Resort and Casino. With the plywood we made our cutting table. Definitely we did good things because on the very first day we were able to sell the maximum portion of our inventory. As the week rolled out we were very excited that we had been received so well. Soon a major challenge came to us what was just the beginning of what we are today. A gentleman came to us and told he would like to get a dickie with longer front. We had nothing of this kind at that time nor did we make any before. But we took the challenge and said that gentleman to come to our booth in the next morning.

Nora and I were extremely busy that night in putting together our first special request. Morning came fast and we opened our booth at 10am next morning with our special order ready. Our customer’s jaw dropped as soon as we handed him the product, he couldn’t believe that we handmade it inside our room within a night. Since then we are making what our customers want.

After ten long years Nora and I happily observed that our little business grows into an American success. Since our first sale a lot of tears and joy have been shed over this enterprise. We are ever grateful to our valued customers without whom we would be nothing and to all our incredible employees.

It now seems that a decade has passed with a blink of eyes and we still can’t believe what we have created. But we are committed to continue our passion for manufacturing the world’s best technical wear for our customers. We always try to convey a message to our customers—NEVER STOP RIDING.