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In gear bag design and manufacturing OGIO International, Inc. is an award-winning name that is mostly adorable for its athlete-inspired technology.

We are the only company who are solely dedicated to Gear Bag technology and Back Pack innovation. This is our prime business not an accessory and as a result we have got the preference of the whole action sports industry.

Top gear bag designer OGIO still striving to fulfill its vision that helps them to thrive from humble beginnings to a modern phenomenon. Michael Pratt fostered the prodigy that is OGIO and little intuition as well as financial reinforcement spurred the company’s venture into becoming a leader in gear bag design. OGIO’s product line includes innovative duffles and back-packs with unprecedented features that dished out the inner extreme everyone craved. OGIO revolutionized the world of golf with a fresh contemporary ‘golf cart’, commonly recognized as BRV. In addition, OGIO’s eminence spurred the new age of golf. Team OGIO is made up with versatile crews from moto, BMX, skate, snow and surf industry with die-hard attitude and collective insight. OGIO designers and athletes collectively create specific action sports packs and as a consequence the company is strong enough to revolutionize bag design industry single handedly.