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Mobile Warming

Mobile Warming® was designed for a wide range of applications like hunting, hiking, skiing, fishing and motorcycling. Our innovative technology gives unprecedented warmth as well as heating that lasts entire day. Moreover, the heat transmitted by our technology exceeds any other form of insulation available in the marketplace. We are committed to offer the best quality performance enhancing products at an affordable rate to our customers.

Mobile warming technology is aimed at providing a comprehensive heating solution by utilizing emerging far-infrared heat popularly known as FIR and ultra-fine metal fiber heating technologies. One of the main uniqueness of our products is its heat transfer panels reflects and keeps heat directed to the body. 

Mobile Warming Gear- How Does it Work

For the enthusiasts who love to retain their lifestyle even in extreme cold weather Mobile Warming gear brings multifaceted features like built-in electrical heat components, smart garment construction and weather-resistant materials. 

All products in our apparel lines function in the same mechanism. We have currently two distinct product lines, Classic Outdoor and Golf Clothing; all jackets and vests under these two product lines have three heating panels two in the chest area and another one across the upper back of the wearer body. The heating panel use FIR and ultra-fine metal fiber heating technologies. Gentle warm produced by these technologies is soothing for aching muscles and convenient during the winter. If the garment is loosely fitted in the wearer body then battery-heated garments can’t function well. In order to optimize the performance the garments should be well fitted. 

Small rechargeable 7V 2.2Ah Lithium-Ion standard battery which is included with the garment acts as source of power for all jackets and vests. The battery fits conveniently in the pocket of the garment. Our battery offers four different power settings so the wearer can control the temperature and at the same time enhance the battery life. At 100% heat setting the battery can generate 135 degrees Fahrenheit temperature that lasts more than 2 hours and at 25% heat setting it can produce 90 degrees Fahrenheit that lasts for 10 hours. In addition to that we have 7V 4.0Ah battery which can provide heat for twice as long as the standard battery but this batter is not included with the garments; you need to purchase it separately. 

Proper care of battery is vital to ensure longer battery life. So here are some quick tips to follow:

  1. Make sure the battery is plugged into the jacket via the power cord. It will not power up if not connected to the garment.
  2. You will hear a beep sound and see a green indicator light while holding down the black power button. This indicates the current charge level of the battery.
  3. In order to change the power setting you need to tap the power button until the indicator light is at the desired setting.
  4. Ensure that you have heard a beep sound and see no green indicator light on the battery when you want to turn off your Mobile Warming garment.

Operation with Extended (7V 4.0 Ah Li-Ion) Battery:

  1. Make sure the battery is plugged in to the jacket via the power cord located in the jacket or vest's left pocket. The battery will not power up if not connected to the garment.
  2. Press and hold power button for about 2 seconds until LED is lit.