Back in 1991, we were doing something good with Mechanix Wear® Gloves but we had no idea what kind of revolution we were going to start. From the very first use of Mechanix Wear® Gloves by pit crew teams, at the

21,000,000 new toolboxes a year agree.

Daytona 500, the brand has been the leader in the high performance work glove market. Even before we were fully aware of it there were 41 NASCAR® teams asking for our gloves along with other high profile motorsports team. 

We offer total commitment in every Mechanix Wear® product for its intended use. Throughout the production process we consider every possible aspect like feel, fit, durability, quality, function, value and style. We are dedicated to our work and take pride in making superior performing products for our valued customers that include technicians, everyday mechanics, construction workers, Do-It-Yourselfers, emergency service providers, and military professionals.

With a pair of Mechanix Wear® gloves you would feel confident whether you’re jumping into the pit wall or just doing a little tune up in the garage. Mechanix Wear® products offer you the best safety in the industry. They are for more than just racing- they are for toolboxes everywhere. 

20 Years in Racing...

Before 1991 it was hard to imagine a professional mechanic who wore gloves at work. In 1991 this imagination came into reality when a few guys on the #3 GM Goodwrench team tested the first pairs of prototype Mechanix Wear gloves at Daytona 500.

During the last two decades countless hours at R&D has helped Mechanix Wear® to transform the one size fits all work gloves into high performance work gloves. Our gloves are made of high quality materials and with advanced technologies that ensure faster, safer as well as cleaner work than ever before. We can take an example of NASCAR® pit crew team. In 1991 the team took 20 seconds to change all tires of a racecar and refuel it but with Mechanix Wear® gloves the team now performs those same tasks in less than 13 seconds. 

While celebrating our 20 years of journey we know that our gloves are fulfilling the hand protection needs of professional mechanics as well as pit crew members. Today we have an array of 77 different gloves models. Choose your one, work faster and better. 

Exclusive 20 Years in Racing Original Glove™ featured at the 2011 Daytona 500

20 year old glovesGloves from 1991-2011