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Frogg Toggs

Frogg toggs® was founded with classic waterproof technology. With a center layer of micro-porous film a three layers of nonwoven polypropylene material is used for this unique technology. Being 20,000 times smaller than a water droplet it is 100% moisture proof without any hindrance in your breathing. In deed this technology offers the best quality lightweight rainwear and can be used after recycling as it is mainly made of polypropylene. Frogg Toggs have kept their continuity to improve the technology over the last decades through the introduction of DriPore™ technology which provide improved waterproof performance as well as wind resistant characteristics. Our Frogg FoldTM seam technology additionally makes the suits more durable and performance enhancing without heavy weight. Moreover, you will remain completely dry even under heavy rainfall by virtue of waterproof taping feature. The introduction of Classic50™ and Classic75™ weight material make all our suits lightweight without compromising the durability and color combination. The Classic technology is available in a variety of styles and specifically designed to suit all your tastes and style.

Frogg toggs® commitment is to provide the best quality affordable innovative rainwear. Countless hours are spent in innovation as well as development and rigorous simulations take place to make sure Frog Toggs® products perform well in real scenario. This commitment gives birth to the newest technology named ToadSkinzTM which creates a breakthrough in rainwear industry. ToadSkinz is a typical looking polyester rain suit that is engineered by Frogg Toggs® research team. However, the specialty is it is made of hybrid fabric with a non-woven inner layer that offers you ultra comfort and better performance that Frogg Toggs® is famous for.

Unique characteristics of Frogg Toggs are it is 100% waterproof, super breathable, 100% windproof, ultra lightweight—all these you will get at a price compatible manner. Frog Toggs products are patented with three layers of polypropylene material having a core of micro-porous film.

Cromer LLC is the largest distributor of Frogg Toggs! The brand provides one year warranty against all its products due to manufacturer defects.