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In 1985 the sport of Motocross was dramatically changed and revolutionized by the strategy of two gentlemen. Participants of Motocross were suffering from knee injuries and there was no brace in the market to protect them from injuries. At that time EVS Sports came into existence as a great boon and shake the motocross industry with AMX-5 knee brace which was their first product. After 25 years of journey the EVS creates a prestigious image of itself with a significant numbers of world famous athletes using the brand. Through the process of its evolvement EVS always focuses on innovative and advanced technology. We cover head to toe of an athlete of extreme sports with quality materials. Our product line which was started with a single knee brace is now extended to helmets, neck supports, chest or back protection and many others to offer athletes the ultimate safety when fulfilling their passion. Our dedication as well as determination is at the same level that you put into becoming the best you could possibly be.