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Divas SnowGear

Before 2010 there were very limited selections of women’s outerwear for snowmobiling. Only few large companies manufactured women’s snowmobile gear and apparel, but none of those had a feminine fit or feel. This frustration gave birth of Divas SnowGear and Wendy Gavinski is the person behind it. The brand burst onto the snowmobile scene in September 2010 and took female snowmobilers by a storm. Although the brand came with a casual line but the reaction was overwhelming. It seemed like a free breathing space for female snowmobilers.

The next challenge for Divas was to fulfill the buzz growing around and the brand successfully handled it. By the 2011 season, the outerwear came out and was literally like nothing anyone had seen before. The outerwear had all the components to draw attention at first stare; a feminine fit, quality materials, rhinestone accents, vibrant color. Behind the scene it was a hard working story for Divas staff. They worked day and night to align themselves with online retailers, key dealers along with gaining fans. Divas is thankful to a grueling snowmobile show schedule that helped the brand leveraging its marketing plan at that time.

In 2012 season Divas secured distribution channel with Yamaha Motor Corporation and Western Power Sports with wide range and dedicated dealer networks. It’s all the hard work, marketing effort that started to pay off! Thus we build up a great product lineup that is seen in our catalog today. We are now a unique brand that provides high quality women’s snowmobile gear and clothing. With Divas SnowGear women get the look and function they want without any hindrance in performance; all at a price compatible manner.