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About Bobster®: Bobster was established in 1966 and since then the brand is specialized in making high performance for extreme activities and stylish lifestyles. Manufacturing durable and functional sunglasses, goggles that can withstand to any challenge is our prime concern. We try to integrate the modern technology in eyewear without considering the present trend. That gives our customers the utmost safety and comfort along with smart look on the street, shooting range or sidewalk. As our reputation is on the rise Bobster is not confined only in motorcycle industry rather we have expanded into the law enforcement, military, safety and power sports industries. At present we are doing business in over 30 countries across the world.

Our Eyewear

Bobster truly practices versatility with customizable glasses and goggles to suit the wearers’ changing needs.

Photochromic- Our Photochromic lenses are automatically adjusted to UV light exposure. You can wear it without being concern about the amount of light. From morning to night your glasses will adapt as light conditions change.

Convertible- Gone are the days of carrying multiple pairs of eyewear. Bobster Convertibles switch easily from glasses to goggles and vice versa.

Interchangeable lenses- With the alteration of environmental conditions and user specific needs our interchangeable featured lenses are a great tool to use.

Removable Foam Inserts- You can now control and restrict the amount of wind and dust penetration to eyes with our removable foam inserts feature.

RX Ready: Almost all our eyewear are prescription ready.

Mission: Bobster is owned and operated by Balboa Manufacturing and their mission is to:


  • Operate business by giving emphasis on honesty, integrity and fairness in order to develop mutual trust among customers, employees and vendors.
  • Nurture a team culture as well as environment where every employee can flourish in their respective field and in the process can achieve company’s goals.



  • Fulfilling the needs and wants of individual customers with highly protective as well as functional products that are customizable and affordable
  • Creating international brand image of Bobster®, RAM Instrument® and ZANheadgear®