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100% Racing

Since the beginning of modern motocross 100% brand has been bound to it and became the silent but proud watcher of numerous iconic moments that built the root of modern motocross.

People knew the 100% brand since early 1980’s when the owner Drew Lien made a “Cable-Erecter” that was used to keep away the brake cable from the front tire and fender. After a few days Drew named the device “100%” and that’s brought the 100% brand into existence. From then on the brand consolidated the root of motocross when the popular logo graced the factory racing equipment.

Spirit of racing- The brand not only holds the spirit of racing but also passionate about it. At present 100% is inspiring the new generation of racers with the same passion as it held thirty years ago and asks the racers the original tag line, “How much effort do you give”?

The brand believes that you should give everything in the track. There is no room for relax, no chance to regain your breath; just put everything you have got from start to finish! That is when win comes your way.

This motto promoted the 100% logo in the early 80’s at the SX and Nationals when rider like Bob Hannah, Johnny O’Mara, Ricky Johnson, David Bailey and Jeff Ward used the logo on their bikes, jerseys and chest protectors.

The brand and the logo are so influential that Hall of Fame athletes choose to run it without any contracts or business discussed. Some of them carried the logo throughout their whole career. David Bailey still ran with it when he competed in the IronMan triathlon. Ricky Johnson, Bob Hannah, Johnny O’ still position 100% logo. No matter if it’s a championship on the line or 40 miles of cycling through the lava fields if you don’t give 100% you will regret it- this is what the brand reminds and intercepts the racers on a daily basis. 100% Athletes have won so many series like 125cc Nationals, 250cc Nationals, 250 Supercross, 500 Nationals, 125 DL and so on.



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