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Boyesen | Racing Reed-Kaw 550C | 013R

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STOCK PHOTO: Please read title and description.

Boyesen | Racing Reed-Kaw 550C | 013R

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  • Boyesen dual-stage reeds consistently outperform standard reeds in laboratory flow analysis
  • They achieve greater flow velocity over the entire range of operating pressures
  • Performance enhanced from start-up to top end
  • Top racers and knowledgeable riders coast to coast make Boyesen Racing Reeds their first step in getting more power, more performance and more pleasure from their high-performance watercraft
Additional Info
Additional Info
Brand Boyesen
Fitment 1992-Kawasaki JH750-A Super Sport
1993-Kawasaki JH750-A Super Sport
1994-Kawasaki JH750-A Super Sport
1995-Kawasaki JH750-A Super Sport
1993-Kawasaki JH750-B Super Sport Xi
1994-Kawasaki JH750-B Super Sport Xi
1995-Kawasaki JH750-B Super Sport Xi
1995-Kawasaki JH750-C ZXi
1996-Kawasaki JH750-C ZXi
1997-Kawasaki JH750-C ZXi
1994-Kawasaki JH750-D Super Sport XiR
1996-Kawasaki JH750-E Super Sport
1997-Kawasaki JH750-E Super Sport
1996-Kawasaki JH750-F Super Sport Xi
1997-Kawasaki JH750-F Super Sport Xi
1998-Kawasaki JH750-G Xi Sport
1999-Kawasaki JH750-G Xi Sport
1992-Kawasaki JS750-A SX
1993-Kawasaki JS750-A SX
1994-Kawasaki JS750-A SX
1995-Kawasaki JS750-A SX
1995-Kawasaki JS750-B SXi
1996-Kawasaki JS750-B SXi
1998-Kawasaki JS750-C SXi Pro
1999-Kawasaki JS750-C SXi Pro
2000-Kawasaki JS750-C SXi Pro
2001-Kawasaki JS750-C SXi Pro
2002-Kawasaki JS750-C SXi Pro
1994-Kawasaki JT750-A Sport Tourer
1995-Kawasaki JT750-A Sport Tourer
1995-Kawasaki JT750-B STS
1996-Kawasaki JT750-B STS
1997-Kawasaki JT750-B STS
1998-Kawasaki JT750-C STX
2002-Polaris Freedom 700
2003-Polaris Freedom 700
1996-Polaris Hurricane 700
1997-Polaris Hurricane 700
1996-Polaris SL 700
1997-Polaris SL 700
1997-Polaris SL 700 Deluxe
1998-Polaris SLH 700
1999-Polaris SLH 700
2000-Polaris SLH 700
2001-Polaris SLH 700
1996-Polaris SLT 700
1997-Polaris SLT 700
1998-Polaris SLTH 700
1999-Polaris SLTH 700
2000-Polaris Virage 700
2001-Polaris Virage 700
2002-Polaris Virage 700
2003-Polaris Virage 700
Seller Note STOCK PHOTO: Please read title and description.
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