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Atlas Air Brace Radioactive Mens Motocross Neck Brace

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Atlas Air Brace Radioactive Mens Motocross Neck Brace

SKU: Atlas17-Air-Radioactive-Neck-Brace

Model: 2017

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Atlas develops top-notch neck braces to help keep riders safely and securely protected regardless of which kind of riding they have a preference for, and are fully guaranteed to provide riders the highest possible comfort and support for the duration of their complete ride. The Atlas Air Neck Brace is produced from an ultra-flexible and featherweight polymer that gives the brace structural integrity and outrageous resilience. The Atlas Air Neck Brace integrates a spilt-flex frame which delivers optimum flexibility and comfort because it has the ability to adjust and move with the natural body motions of the rider and supply the rider with a fantastic range of motion. Although it enables a free range of mobility, it is designed to protect the neck, spine and sternum from torsional and compressional blows during a crash. All Atlas neck braces are lab tested and exposed to strenuous testing that is done by Dynamic Research Inc. and is confirmed to give protection to riders coming from the high blows of a wreck. The Atlas Air Neck Brace has 27% more body contact to enhance comfortability, however, the key primary aim is to avoid injuries by dissipating and alleviating the forces of impact before they are transferred to other locations of the body. Atlas Air neck braces are practically weightless as they weigh in at 1.3 pounds, and are exceptionally customizable for a secure and appropriate fitment. The Atlas Air Neck Brace comes with two settings for height manipulation options and smart mounts that offer six potential modifications.
  • Split-Flex Frame - Vertical flex is the greatest invention for mobility and comfort. Our split frame helps imitate natural body motions to generate the very best experiences imaginable.
  • Easy Open - Completely new Easy Open system enables a quick, repeatable entry and exit with an effortless push of a button, no matter what the weather conditions.
  • Smart Mounts - One mount, six positions. Reversible to alter size, and select from a -10, 0, or +10 back support angle in whichever position.
  • Chest Suspension - Completely new long travel front suspension highlights 30mm of travel (a 300% increase), and is marginally more rigid in order to help reduce a wider range of impact forces.
  • Height Adjustment - Select from two potential height modifications to generate the very best fit for your body type and helmet preference.
  • Spine Free - Completely new back supports greatly enhance contact with the body by 8% more than the previous model, and stay away from your spine by resting on the neighboring muscles.
  • Sternum Free - Completely new chest support design is tougher, much lighter, much more harmonious with chest protectors, and still rests around your sternum.
  • Hybrid Strap - Combining the comfort of a chest strap, with the functionality and great versatility of elastic X straps. The very best of both worlds.
  • Feather Weight - New weight is reduced 20% lower than the previous model. The most astonishing benefit of wearing it is that you forget you are really sporting it.
  • Surface Area - By sitting on 27% more of the body than the competition, comfort is at the maximum, and forces are dispersed in a more efficient manner throughout the body.
  • In the box: Air brace, tall shoulder pads, Hybrid strap, quick start guide, tape measure, sticker sheet.
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