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100% Barstow Classic Cyan Goggles - Blue Lens

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100% Barstow Classic Cyan Goggles - Blue Lens

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Let’s deal with it: vintage cycling equipment including helmets, boots, leather pants and gloves had been standard, not comfortable and, all-around... not all that much safe and secure. Goggles? Exact same dilemma. Their fit ended up being pretty much a joke. These goggles sucked in air, sucked in dust, and they sucked in dirt. These goggles sucked and that's all there is to it... period. However, nonetheless, vintage cycling equipment possessed expressive style and, indeed, one can possibly definitely feel you will discover something genuinely incorrect in being dressed in contemporary gear on a vintage bike. Simply because our very own heart and soul is actually near to the vintage movement and also simply because, being a goggle manufacturer, our company are concerned about your eyes - but additionally relating to your style - at 100%, we sensed a little something needed to be done about both.

Get into the Barstow. When the pioneers raced the wasteland from Barstow to Vegas, they had no concept exactly what it could well be like to take pleasure in a triple-layer-foamed, solidly-strapped, anti-fogged-lensed pair of goggles, created of contemporary components as well as highlighting such a broad field of sight. Those are today’s most innovative specifications of safety and comfort, so that is what you shall discover in the Barstow together with, naturally, the vintage expressive style.

A minimum of frame design functions together with high quality Dalloz lens for exceptional field of vision.

Authentic suede, leather, and canvas strap trims increase overall performance as well as adds abundant details.

Upper ports force air in and funnel out moisture content to decrease fogging.

Exclusive lens profile heightens design beauty.

Triple-layer, fleece padded face foam delivers exceptional comfort and moisture content control.

Embossed frame pinstripe and vintage metal snap harmonizes with frame contours and also styling.

High quality enamel covered metal badges enhance styling and add exquisite detail.

Superior metal strap adjusters guarantee the most perfect fit along with additional class.

These goggles provide 100 percent ultraviolet protection.

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